University of California-Davis

Our UC Davis chapter was founded in the fall of 2018 by Dr. Kara T. Kleber, a general surgery resident, with the help of like minded medical students keen on bringing the SRS mission to Sacramento. We recognize that social determinants play a significant role in surgical outcomes and it is our mission to ensure that this is at the forefront of surgical practice. SRS embodies the intersection of health equity and surgery, empowering and encouraging medical students to pursue surgical specialties while highlighting how one can simultaneously affect social change.

Located in the state capital and the only ACS level 1 trauma center and quaternary referral center north of San Francisco, UC Davis is ideally placed to positively influence the current discussions on surgical inequity in the northern California community and beyond. We invite you to join us!


Current Projects

  • Improving access to care for trauma patients - using trauma as a contact with our health system as a vehicle for positive change

  • Violently injured patients - socioeconomic factors predicting difficulties after discharge

Debi Thomas, Kara Kleber, Siobhan Luce (left to right)

Debi Thomas, Kara Kleber, Siobhan Luce (left to right)

Chapter Leadership - Residents

Kara T. Kleber, MD, MA

Dr. Kleber is interested in improving surgical outcomes in patient with low medical literacy.

M. Siobhan Luce, MD

Debi Thomas, MD