Since 2014, we have led the effort to establish social responsibility as a core value of surgical practice. This includes equal access to surgical care, eliminating healthcare disparities, increasing patient advocacy as well as educating and serving our local and global community.


Our Mission

Recognizing social responsibility as a core value of surgical practice and surgery as an essential component of global health, this committee aims to identify opportunities for leadership, research and collaboration in the training of globally minded surgeons committed to surgical equity. Uniquely poised as a safety-net hospital and academic institution, Boston Medical Center has the opportunity to emerge as a leader in the thought and practice of Socially Responsible Surgery (SRS). We believe in educating and serving our local community as part of the larger global community.

I am a better clinician because of what I have learned from SRS about the impact of social determinants on health and surgical care. It is wonderful see the level of interest there is for this work nationally. We are excited about future directions of health equity work, but more importantly about the positive impact we are seeing every day on our individual patient’s health.”
— Megan Janeway MD, General Surgery Resident

Areas of practice


Introduce future generations of surgeons to concepts of disparities in surgical care and provide surgeons with the tools to advocate for their patients and communities. 



Strengthen the ability of surgeons to engage in political and social platforms to improve care of surgical patients. Encourage the allocation of resources towards addressing surgical inequalities. 


Engage in research methods to better understand disparities in surgical care and access and design appropriate interventions to address these inequalities. 



Socially Responsible Surgery is looking to foster new relationships with interested programs to spread this important work and to further collaborate.   


Expand our service to patients beyond providing surgical care and create a positive change within their sociocultural context and within their communities.  



Starting in 2019, we will have a 2- year fellowship for residents in Socially Responsible Surgery.