Projects designed to expand our service to patients beyond providing surgical care and create a positive change within their sociocultural context and within their communities beyond the walls of our hospital.  



On acute surgery services, providers often lack time for patient education. The Service Learning Project aims to merge the unmet needs of patients with desires of medical students for early clinical experience. In this mutually beneficial model, students interact with patients, helping them understand their procedures and screening them for social determinants of health (SDH). The goal is increased patient health literacy, improved inpatient experience, and clinical exposure for students at earlier training levels.



health literacy 

Using technology to improve health communications, patient health literacy and patient experience.



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community outreach

Facilitating collaboration between community organizations and faculty, residents and students to improve understanding of community health issues, create lasting partnerships, and promote health equity work.

  • Design and implement interventions to address inequalities in the health of our surgical patients
  • Build multidisciplinary teams to address inequalities driven by community priorities and interests
  • Serve our communities in meaningful ways that extend beyond surgical care